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The Monthly Masterclass is not a paint along or merely a demonstration. Each month, the particular techniques of a given subject are dissected and all the elements that go into a successful painting are fully explored LIVE via Zoom.

June Masterclass: Painting From Photos
Date: June 25th 2-5pm Eastern

June Masterclass: Painting From Photos

This’ll be a fun one! As challenging as plein air work can be, translating a photograph to a painting offers a whole new unique set of challenges! Learn to use your reference as just that, REFERENCE. Merely trying to duplicate what the camera captures won’t lead to an expressive, artistic, gestural representation of the FEELING and POETRY of the subject. Careful consideration of composition, light, color choices and subject editing must be made to make the reference work as a PAINTING. 

Painting from photos is a GREAT way to hone your techniques in the studio, especially if you are still developing control and confidence with watercolors. As you develop more skill, painting from life is key to the next step. I personally work about 60% plein air, 40% in the studio from photos. One hand washes the other. However, working from photos properly is of the utmost importance.

I’ll be thoroughly explaining and sharing the techniques and secrets used to tell the TRUE story hiding within those reference photos!

I will be selecting reference photos to work from chosen from 3 lucky attendees!

I will choose 3 pics from 3 different attendees to translate and paint full demos from. Upon confirmed registration, a link for you to upload a reference picture will be sent out. 

  • Must be registered for this LIVE Masterclass
  • 1 upload per person please.
  • Photos MUST be your own reference pics, stock photos or “found” internet pics will not be considered
  • Reference pics can be of any subject within Landscape, Streetscene, Rural, Nautical etc. (no pure figure ref please) 
  • Submissions for consideration must be in by June 20th
  • Register early and get your photos sent in to be considered for the demos!

    I will be choosing 3 different subjects, in addition to how I will edit these, the techniques used in the painting of the subject will be full explained

Some of the Topics We'll Cover:

Tips on taking ref pics

Editing your Photos

Using Multiple Pics to tell the story

Getting Loose

Mood Choice

3 Full Painting Demos
from pics chosen from attendee uploads!

And so much more!!

Do You Want to:

Learn to:

  • Paint from your favorite photos?
  • Use reference as REFERENCE?
  • Make informed choices?
  • Bring plein air poetry to studio work?
  • Edit your reference pics
  • Use multiple refrences
  • Pick a mood for your painting
  • Capture the SPIRIT of your reference
  • The Masterclass is a 100% Live experience, demos and all interaction is live on Zoom
  • Attendees are encouraged to interact with Dan and ask questions while he is demonstrating
  • Members of the Live Masterclass have access to the recorded session shortly after the session concludes
  • You will have access to the replay for 1 year
  • If you have previously taken a Masterclass, email for a 20% off coupon code


(If you've previously joined a LIVE Masterclass $160 with coupon code)

CJ Manley says- "Wonderful class today! Learned so much! Your presentation has the perfect amount of “work” and humor. I laughed out loud more than once! Thank you for sharing your skills with us!"

Other Students Say-

If you are ready to take your paintings to the next level, no matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, I highly recommend Dan Marshall’s program”

Josh S.

The way Dan methodically takes you through the curriculum is the best watercolor teaching experience I’ve ever had. This is a truly personalized detailed approach to teaching that I honestly don’t believe you’ll find anywhere else.

Jacki P.

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