Watercolor Painting Demos

    These demos are informative, extensive looks at painting in watercolor aimed at tackling different subjects. Chock full of info on all types of watercolor techniques. 

  • If you haven’t studied with me yet this is a great opportunity to see my teaching style and learn some real methods to immediately start using in your own painting process.
  • If you’ve already been attending the Monthly Masterclass, this demo will reinforce concepts I’ve discussed and provide a clear walkthrough of an approach to painting.

Available Demos

Simplifying a Street Scene

This demo focuses on ways to simplify a Street Scene. We will look at ways to design a strong composition, suggest complicated architecture and still retain
the spirit of the scene.

The Pumpkin Patch

A fun & seasonal subject, join me as I use multiple reference pictures to compose and design a painting that tells a great autumn story. Get your mulled wine and pumpkin spice lattes ready- this is going to be fun


In this demo I cover the nautical essentials of how to paint boats, reflections, ripples and coastal atmosphere through 2 different demos!

Using Directionals in a Landscape

In this demo I talk abut finding and using directionals in the landscape to create a strong composition. And so much more!
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