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Masterclass Companion Digital Booklets

These E-Books act as a companion to the live and recorded Monthly Masterclasses.

Further explore and review material from the Masterclasses in a digital book format. In addition to what I’ve covered in the Masterclasses, the E-books contain written explanations, exercises and many additional painting examples that relate to the topics discussed.

Also! On top of the content already included, the beauty of the E-book is that I will be able to update regularly with new content, new thoughts, new paintings etc 

Once purchased, every time you access you may see something new!

To view your purchased E-Book, make sure you are logged in and access through the Members Area dashboard.
(E-books are not mailed or downloadable)

Expressive Figures

60+pages of techniques and examples to give your figure work a boost

Boats & Nautical

60+pages of techniques and examples to help your nautical work set sail

Conquering Greens

60+pages of color page, mixing, techniques and examples to get your greens under control

Masterclass Companion

Over 120 pages of watercolor techniques, exercises and examples

These 3 Also available as a 3 book bundle

3 Book Bundle

Get instant access to all 3 E-books and save $10!
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