Masterclass Replays

Masterclass Replays

To register for the current months Live Masterclass, click HERE. Missed out on a live monthly Masterclass? Take your watercolor study to the next level with a replay. The Monthly Masterclasses are far more than a demo- These are deep dives into subjects and related techniques to take your painting up a notch.


These videos are Zoom recording quality. Once purchased, access your Masterclass Replay by logging in through the Members Area tab, scroll down to the Masterclass Library to find your content. Videos are NOT downloadable.

Rivers & Streams

4 hours
A focus on finding the major shapes and creating abstract textures to bring this complicated subject to life!

Conquering Greens!

4+hrs of Content Painting with and mixing proper greens can prove to be quite challenging! . In this Masterclass there are 3 full demos in addition to loads of color theory, painting concepts & techniques

It's All About The Atmosphere

4+ hrs
Create depth, capture atmospheric effects and a gorgeous quality of light. Learn to exploit edge quality and manipulate tone to bring a sense of poetry to your paintings

A Day At The Beach

3.5 hrs
Summer will be here before we know it! Be ready to capture lovey scenes at the beach. Join me as we learn effective use of composition, design, employing tone and atmosphere, color and interesting brush control and effects!

The Landscape

4+hrs Painting pure landscapes offers so many ways to improve your overall watercolor technique! Landcapes put an important focus on major shapes, creating organic forms through abstraction, and strong composition. In this Masterclass there are 3 full demos in addition to loads of painting concepts & techniques

Down on the Farm

5+ hrs

Ah.. a day on the farm! There’s nothing quite like the smells, sounds and experiences offered by this amazing subject! We’ll study ways to capture all the great elements of barn life. You'll learn effective use of  composition, design, employing tone and atmosphere, color and interesting brush control and effects!

Composition Boot Camp

Over 4.5 hrs.
A good composition is essential to the success of a painting. Directing the movement of the viewer’s eye around the painting, creating an engaging experience. We’ll discuss how this can be achieved through asymmetrical balance, creating a focal point using the Rule of Thirds, tried and true compositions, thumbnails and Notions.

Lines & Shapes

What's the difference between design and composition? Design, used in addition to composition, will help strengthen and support how we are communicating through our work. The balance of shapes, directionals and negative space, leaving the viewers eye through a painting and guiding them towards the center of interest

Urban Canyons

Over 4 hrs

A focus on design and abstraction for creating believable, exciting Cityscapes. 

Also discussed are the cityscape essentials of how to construct vehicles, keep people in proper proportion and communicate believable perspective.

Boats & Nautical

2.5 hrs
Come Sail away on this all things nautical masterclasss. Learn the secrets to creating water, reflections, boat shapes and maritime color harmony.

Let's Draw!

Over 3.5 hrs
Good drawing is essential to painting in watercolor. This is a drawing intensive designed to build drawing skills and create drawing habits. There are no shortcuts to bettering your drawing, but this covers the quickest ways to improvement and success

Let's Ride

Over 3.5 hrs
Dan will demonstrate and explain techniques for creating designs featuring riders in watercolor. Learn the secrets to proportion, vehicle construction, horse anatomy, creating motion and combining these elements in your work.

Trees & Foliage

3 hours

A focus on construction and painting techniques for creating believable, exciting trees.

Trees and foliage can be tricky- learn how to avoid those “halloween”, “wine and paint” black tree trunk traps and mistakes! Color, texture, design, composition, timing and calligraphy all play important roles when bringing trees into your work.

On Skies & Clouds

3 hours
A focus on creating dramatic , moving skies.

Painting with watercolor usually means working from top to bottom, back to front and the biggest shapes to smallest shapes. That said, more often than not, the sky will come first- setting the tone and mood for the rest of the painting. All things to come are influenced by these very first washes.

Myth of Mud

3.5 hours

Climb out of the mud to bring that luminous, translucent, glowing quality to your work. The secret? Proper tone through pigment management. The ratio of pigment to water. We will look at techniques to maintain a beautiful feeling of light even when using grays and those "muddy "colors.

Double Length Class

5.5 hrs
An in-depth look at the figure.
Learn to simplify anatomy, judge correct proportion and create believable gestures and poses that are full of life. Begin to incorporate the figure into your work or do standalone figurative paintings

Snow Scenes

3 hrs
I've spent many hours freezing out in the snow to bring you this special masterclass. Learn the colors of snow and the design techniques to bring a wintry feel to your work.
Now you don't have to endure the elements to be able to bring these icy feelings to your paintings


2.5 hrs

A focus on painting fall scenes.

Central Park in autumn is one of my absolute favorite places. Learn to capture the colorful explosions of this magical season.  We'll look at creating intense color without getting "cartoony", simplifying foliage shapes and portraying a fall narrative.

Hi Dan! Wonderful class today! Learned so much! Your presentation has the perfect amount of “work” and humor. I laughed out loud more than once! Thank you for sharing your skills with us!- CJManley
Cj Manley
Masterclass Student
"I just watched 3 videos and found them spectacularly helpful and truly inspirational as I've been in a funk lately. These Masterclass Replays have thoroughly lit an artistic fire under my butt!"
Micah P
Masterclass Student
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