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Teaching Mission Statement

By focusing on the tried and true methods of fine art composition, design, drawing, color theory and communication, my aim is to arm students with the ability to express their individual visions and not just how to copy or execute a series of watercolor “tricks”. While doing master copies is part of the way I teach, my desire is to give students the tools to make their own informed decisions to tell their unique story.

As a painter, demonstrator and educator, my goal is to break the stereotypes of watercolor and attempt to sway not only the general perception, but students overall understanding and knowledge of foundational art principles.

Ways to Improve Your Watercolor On

Click on the titles to learn more about each program

Watercolor 101 (free) 

Explore the basics of watercolor

Demo Videos 

Recorded Videos exploring a variety of subjects

The Monthly Masterclass

A monthly class with a focus on a particular topic or aspect of watercolor painting. Live on Zoom with limited enrollment

Masterclass Replay Videos

Video Replay Recordings of The Monthly Masterclass

The Watercolor Atelier Program

A 6 month intensive mentoring program with live interaction, individual attention in a small group. Very limited enrollment opens twice a year

In Person Workshops

Lots of great in person, awesome destination experiences available in the upcoming months

Individual Lessons 

A great way to focus directly on areas you wish to develop

Options and info is available by mailing Dan directly at

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