The Wednesday Watercolor Club

The Summer Session for The WWC has already begun!
However you may still enroll, enjoy the previous and upcoming recorded content, Then join us for the next LIVE meeting July 26th

(Read on for all the info and join button is below)

Are you in the Club?

A special new 3 month program - The Wednesday Watercolor Club - a mix of live, recorded and community interaction.

 We all get a little hectic with summertime activities, stay on track and develop your watercolor abilities through guided demonstrations, discussions and a club atmosphere.

This club will be chock full of inspiration and learning in a relaxed atmosphere.  Challenge yourself through the summer months with sessions running midweek to keep your weekends open for summertime fun!

Over the three months, Dan will be leading you through monthly demos packed full of water coloring painting techniques with additional exercises and painting challenges

Charter Membership to the Club is limited to 20 Artists

The Wednesday Watercolor Club Includes:
All the benefits of the Monthly Masterclass on a new day and with added content

  • 2 demos per month – 1 live interactive, 1 recorded a total of 6 fully explained demos to learn from
  • Additional 3 month access to all Club content
  • End of the month “Virtual Salon” exhibition to share your best work with the group and a live Q&A discussion 
  • Dedicated Google Drive folder to upload your works
  • Private Facebook page for Club artists
  • Private Club page on the website to view demos, references + surprise content from Dan
  • WWC monogram logo stickers to put on your sketchbook or easel coming soon for members


All meetings will be from 7pm – 9pm Eastern time

Can’t make one of the Live sessions? Don’t worry – All live events are recorded and will be available to watch or re watch at you convenience!

Live Demo:

July 5th - August 9th - September 6th

2nd Video Demo:

July 19th - August 23rd - September 20th

Virtual Salon:

July 26th - August 30th - September 27th

Monthly Focused Topics

Each month features topic based demos and exercises culminated in a full painting demonstration applying the skills discussed

Month 1 Focus:
Accurate Drawing

Get your drawing ability up to speed with new exercises, techniques and ways of thinking. These skills will allow you to layout your paintings faster and more accurately with correct proportions, perspective and shape quality.

Month 2 Focus:
Effortless Composition

Learn the skills to compose any subject with ease by building a strong foundation for your painting. Create habits of thinking through thumbnails, notan sketches and exploring possibilities. There will be a big focus on how to edit what you see.

Month 3 Focus:
Color Usage

Strengthen your color theory to use color to your advantage. Create different moods, add variety to your work and break out of the idea that skies are simply blue and grass is green. Bring more elegance and sophistication to the way your finished paintings look.

Featured subjects will include:

  • City and European Street Scenes
  • Farms, Barns and Ranches
  • Rural landscapes
  • Western Skies
  •  Beach Scenes
  • Figures
  • Boats

Club members are also welcome to suggest subjects  

Join the Club for 3 months- $600

Welcome to the Club!

Contact Dan at with any questions

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