Watercolor 101 Course

Introducing My FREE Watercolor 101 Course

Dan Marshall's introduction to materials and techniques for watercolor beginners

Watercolor 101 is a free course that will introduce materials and some basic techniques to build a solid watercolor foundation to build on.

What's In This Course?

The Basics - Material

There’s always the right tool for the right job!

This series of videos is all about the tools of the watercolor trade. A basic introduction to the uses, terms and brands.

We’ll take a look at the watercolor materials I like to use and talk about the pros and cons of alternative options.

Hopefully saving some time and money on which will work best for the work you want to create. I cover: 


Watercolor fundamentals are often skipped over or assumed to be known and instructors jump straight into more advanced aspects of painting. In this course, you’ll learn (or brush up on) basic techniques and getting more comfortable working with the materials.


What Students Say

“Dan’s six-week one-on-one instruction has been the best investment I ever made in my development as an artist. Dan thoroughly covers each facet of his process and always provides feedback on how it relates to my own work. His patient and generous teaching style has been truly personalized to my abilities and objectives. With his guidance I hoped to establish a reproducible process to bring consistency to my work. Dan’s progressive teaching approach and practice assignments have given me the tools to help my paintings tell their stories. Working with Dan has been the best learning experience ever.”

Kat S.

"Taking our art to the next level....it's what we all strive for and Dan Marshall is uniquely suited to take us there. His passion and talent show through in every lesson. Well worth the time and investment."

Brett H.

Who's this course for?

This free series is ideal for those just getting started with watercolor and great for students looking to review some of the basics. An overview of materials and an introduction to techniques. Ready for the next step? Check out my Watercolor Masterclass here. 

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