Puerto Vallarta 2023 Workshop


In-Person Workshop : Casa De Los Artistas Art Vacation

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Feb 11-18, 2023

All Levels 

Develop the skills to paint the way you want to paint. Break away from simply copying photo reference and create fully realized, harmonious and personal expressions of the subjects you love. 

In this workshop, I’ll demo 2-3 times a day. Completely explaining my process as I work and sharing insights and “art truths.” Concepts that go beyond just the medium and can be applied to all areas of your art. Learn to incorporate a deliberate process for creating believable, expressive, impressionist watercolors, both plein air with the beautiful subjects Puerto Vallarta has to offer and in the studio.

  • Paint expressive, atmospheric watercolors with an impressionist quality
  • Discover how working with intention leads to consistent results
  • Build On Your Strengths and identify areas for growth
  • Create Daily Art Habits
  • Learn New Techniques to Achieve:
    • stronger compositions
    • proper tone
    • color harmony/mixing
    • loosening up

About Casa De Los Artistas

Artist Robert Masla and his wife Monica Levine LICSW, invite you to join them (and Dan) in the unique, relaxed, tropical environment of their home and studio, in the charming fishing village of Boca de Tomatlan, 10 miles South of Puerto Vallarta on Mexico’s gorgeous Pacific coast. Here inspiration abounds, with tropical flora, fauna, and all the beauty the sun, surf and sea have to offer. A very special and safe retreat space.
We are located where the Horcones river meets the Boca bay, on the south side of the river in the charming fishing village of Boca de Tomatlan, often called Boca. Boca is located 10 miles south of Puerto Vallarta on Mexico’s gorgeous Pacific Coast, (see the maps). Casa de los Artistas and the “Sisters Apts.” are built with the jungle and mountains behind them and the river and ocean at their front door. The open air studio on the top floor is approximately 1,000 +sq. ft. with panoramic vistas of the Boca, river and bay.

Puerto Vallarta/ Boca de Tomatlan is tropical, located on the same parallel as the Hawaiian Islands The temperature averages 28 degrees C. 82 degrees F. in the fall, winter, and spring to the high 80’s and 90’s F. in the summer, with an average of 300 sunny days a year. The rainy season is from late July or August to mid to late October. Being right on the ocean with the mountains behind us, in the winter months, the mornings and evenings can be quite cool, so be sure to bring a warm sweatshirt, sweater or light jacket.

Physical ability to climb stairs, (the studio is on the 3rd floor of the Casa), and walk uneven terrain, (cobblestone streets, and paths) is a must.


View of the Casa from across the river at the top of the Boca village


The Casa studio facing North and open on three sides

The Casa studio facing North and open on three sides

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