Marshall Atelier Program: Cohort 1 Month 6

Month 6: All Things Connected

Month 6 part 1- Planning & Design- Connecting Lights & Shapes

This first video is VERY IMPORTANT – Identifying a process to develop & strengthen composition & design 

Design demos

Think it through and follow the steps to a strong composition.

Month 6 part 2- The Painting Demo

Finished Demo Painting

Demo Reference

Side by Side Comparison
Key Points to Consider

  • Simplification of shapes
  • Lowering of the view point
  • Adjusting the balance of shapes
  • Creating a focal point
  • Creating a more interesting lighting situation
  • Designing shadow shapes

Comparison of First Wash to Finish

Notice how the first translucent wash of color sings once the darks are placed.

Alternate Reference

Remember, this is REFERENCE to supply information. Paintings must be thought about and COMPOSED from reference!

You are free to use your own reference images. However, please stay within the range of the elements we discussed.

Additional Demonstration

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